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RadioAnalyzer was founded in Aalborg, Denmark in the spring of 2013. We started out with nothing but a good idea and a lot of love for radio…

Our vision is simple. We want enable radio stations to make better radio by analyzing how listeners react when they are tuned in. We believe it is about time radio leaps into the age of big data to maximize listening.

Working with top-level radio management at the national Danish Broadcaster, DR, the inventor of the system was reviewing thousands of data sets each day and knew the truth about his radio station was right there, hidden somewhere in the numbers. But he needed a tool to find it and to make it easy to understand.And that was the beginning of what has now become a full-blown, highly detailed business intelligence tool.

RadioAnalyzer is open for service world wide.

Working closely with two handfuls of the leading radio networks in Scandinavia in order to perfect the system, we spent a full year coding and testing before releasing version 1.0 in early 2014. And will continue to develop new functions in close collaboration with our clients. We firmly believe that a modest, friendly and solution-oriented attitude towards every aspect of our business will benefit both us and our clients. And that’s why with us you will experience a level of openness in the innovation process that is rarely seen. logo-ofaiRadioAnalyzer are proud partners with The Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (OFAI), providing the music detection and segmentation technology to our software.
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