When you purchase a license to use RadioAnalyzer, you get to install the software on your own computer. But we can help you go even deeper to find the right answers - or assist you with special reports and tests of your music, even if you have not bought a version of the software.

Behavioural Music Test (BMT)

With a Behavioural Music Test (BMT) you will know exactly what your listeners think of the songs you play – even if you are not using the RadioAnalyzer Software.

We simply import your own playlist and server logs (or other listener data) and use RadioAnalyzer to calculate listener behaviour from them.

The BMT will give you updated knowledge of the tastes of your listeners and, depending on the data source, can be even more precise than comparable testing methods.

At a fraction of the price.

BMT is available to any radio station in any market.

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War Counseling

Maybe you have suddenly come under pressure from a competing station or maybe you have changed one of your prime time shows.

It could also be that you have just landed the most important advertising client ever.

Either way, the War Counseling we offer will give you intense consultancy over a short period of time, making sure no stone is left unturned.

War Counseling is an add-on to any of our software versions and will be planned in detail from case to case.

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Premium Advisory

Four times a year we will send you a report produced using all the tools of RadioAnalyzer and even making special searches and database queries not available to customers.

The reports will tell you our perspective of “the state of the nation” in your market and on your radio station.

Clients can decide the topic or just let us be creative.

One of the reports will be presented at a workshop at your location.

This package comes included with the RadioAnalyzer Premium Edition and can be added to the Solo Edition.

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Special Assignment

In the relatively short life of our company we have already been handed tasks that initially sounded like “Mission: Impossible”.

But you would be amazed which answers we can find and which issues we can identify with RadioAnalyzer.

So just ask us any question, show us where it hurts and we will identify a range of solutions.

Special Assignments are primarily for clients already using RadioAnalyzer Software, but in special cases we can may also offer our services to non-clients.

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