If you have a question about RadioAnalyzer don’t hesitate to write a mail or call us. Especially if you can’t find the answer here in the list of frequently asked questions. After all, Cold Hard Facts is only one side of our business. Friendly service is another.

Can I calculate more than music?

Yes. You can calculate just about any on-air content you want to. We have set the system up so that music is automatically calculated and analyzed, but if you want to find out if the hourly news or a certain type of content is a hit with your listeners, you can manually calculate it as well.

You can even calculate the effect and progress of a commercial campaign or a specific commercial break.

Can my competition spy on me?

We don’t like to use the word “spy”. But yes. If your competition has your minute-to-minute data, it would be possible for them to make calculations on your results.

In that case it would be up to you to use the data in a more effective way than your opposition.

We do – in rare cases – offer exclusivity in a market, subject to negotiations.

How accurate is the validity of the calculations?

We don’t think it would feel right to work with invalid data, so we have gone to great lengths to make sure RadioAnalyzer provides useful and correct information.

Using market-standard statistical tables we will always indicate the degree of validity of any calculation of an under– or overperformance of a song or item.

I run a radio station in a country you don’t cover. Can I get RadioAnalyzer?

Yes. Just give us a call and we will look into your area.

We just need minute-to-minute data and playlist information, so if you can supply that, we can get started right away. If we need to set up collection of data ourselves, it could take a bit longer to get started.

This sounds expensive. What does it cost?

We founded the company because we felt it was about time the use of big data and hard analysis was made available to more radio stations and not just to the largest players in the market.

It IS a costly affair to run and maintain the RadioAnalyzer servers, but we always aim to find a price level that is both fair and affordable.

Who are you guys anyway?

RadioAnalyzer is built around practical experience with management in the radio industry – with IT skills added. Besides running a strong team in Aalborg, Denmark, we also work with local experts to help us service clients, currently in Germany and Austria.

You can learn more about us on linkedIn:

Mikkel B. Ottesen, CEO

Bill De Lisle, COO

Nanna R. Lauth, Tech Team Manager

Ioana M. Gănescu, Communication & Project Manager

Carsten Worsøe, Inventor & Data Scientist

Mads Worsøe, System Consultant

Andreas H. Bork, Data Engineer

Lasse Schøne Rosenlund, Data Engineer


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