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Observe your listeners to know what they like, dislike and want. Compete with newcomers in the audio market with smart tools that work and big data you can use.

Proud winner of the Digital Gazelle Award of Denmark

Proud winner of the Digital Gazelle Award of Denmark

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RadioAnalyzer Pro

Full analytics suite including practical everyday tools, tests of music and content, benchmark dashboard, market surveillance and business intelligence reports.

RadioAnalyzer 2Go

Always have access to the most important benchmarks, radio health checks and constantly updated market data so you know if the direction you are going in works.

RadioAnalyzer Reports

You decide which benchmarks you want and the reporting frequency. Job done. Now just sit back and enjoy relevant business intelligence sent directly to your e-mail inbox.


Market monitoring built exclusively for radio including easy-to-use and time saving tools that can alert you for new music or compare radio stations and playlists in a heartbeat.

what do our clients say?

Gut feelings are nice, but real ratings are much nicer – and faster – than any market research! RadioAnalyzer tells you the truth! For every single song, every DJ break and every idea on the air… Read more

Armin Braun

RadioAnalyzer is of great benefit to me in my work every single day. The tools provide a very quick overview of the current market situation, but what’s more is that I can also zoom all the way in to a single hour or daypart and analyze in detail how it has developed over time… Read more

Bjørn Tore Grøtte

By decoding this “subconscious information” RadioAnalyzer helps us to do a better job at programming NPO FunX to fit the taste of our listeners… Read more

Niels Hoogland


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Come Work With Us

Come Work With Us

Database Shark? Data analyst? Dreaming BIG?   If you: Feel right at home in LARGE quantities of data Are comforable with data intakes from multiple sources Champion SQL databases and can work with Python Are fluent in English Dream of a job…
RadioAnalyzer on Tour

RadioAnalyzer on Tour

It’s high season for radio people to gather and talk about our wonderful but troubled media platform. Since we like spending hours on end talking about exactly that, we have booked a bunch of plane tickets and are coming to…
Be a RadioAnalyzer Yourself

Be a RadioAnalyzer Yourself

Here is your chance to get your hands on our tool for free. And when we say “free” we do mean free without any obligation or similar. All it costs is a little of your time. But first: a little…

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Stop Asking Questions.
Start Observing.

Action speaks louder than words and your listeners will tell you where to go with their listening patterns.