RadioAnalyzer is a radio company.
Built by radio people for radio people and created out of love for radio.

Our purpose is to enable radio decision makers to create better radio that plays to the beat the listeners want. Our method is to create smart tools for big data and to analyze listener and market behavior by observation.

The reason we do that better than anybody else is simple: We Know Your Listeners. And we think asking them what they want is a thing of the past. The future is about predictive analytics to stay ahead of the game.

Since we were founded in Aalborg, Denmark in 2013 we have worked relentlessly to improve the tools necessary to ensure radio stays strong. We have conquered the biggest European markets and work with the power players there.

Now we are going Global.

RadioAnalyzer team photo


Our Team is a delightful mix of refined top level experience and raw youthful energy. And we are always looking for new talent that can add another dash of spice and edge to our unit. Meet the guys and girls who make RadioAnalyzer unique – and go to their LinkedIn to get to know them even better.

ceo & co-founder

Mikkel B. Ottesen

CFO & CO-Founder

Dennis Søndergaard


Bill De Lisle

General office manager

Anna Lizák

Office assistant

Emma Katrine Fricke Stigsen

Software engineer

Aleksandrina Krushkova

Data Engineer

Tamás Kalapács

Data engineer

Vít Vašák

data integrity consultant

Anna Oline Jørgensen

data integrity consultant

Katja Holst Jensen