Coming soon: Topic Testing – a Beast of a Weapon

Radio has long been spending time and money testing songs and sounds to accommodate listeners and gain advantages in the market. Test methods vary, but for all of them the results are studied and implemented regularly, so the ongoing process of perfecting the music catalog is a given for all radio stations.

When it comes to the spoken word content, testing is usually limited to the odd focus group or an annual perceptual study. Some have reduced the personality-feedback to a conversation with a producer or PD based on taste and gut feeling. Even worse: just a monthly look at the general ratings and changing the team if ratings are down.

Talk of the Town

It’s not that radio doesn’t understand the importance of content – but with money too tight to mention tough calls have to be made. The raw fact of the matter is very few radio broadcasters can afford to go the extra mile and test the spoken content in the same vigorous way they test music. We could all do with a better way of improving the second main ingredient of radio – and we are proud to say that we have a breakthrough in the area of content testing right around the corner.

Using AI and machine learning, we are brewing up a solution that turns your audio for DJ-breaks, interviews, news show, weather, traffic – yes: every single type of talk break into a table of keywords, subjects, and a recap of the contents.

Detailed Content + Big Data = Advanced Insights

Combining that data with our powerhouse database and unique and proven testing methodology, so clients will be equipped with a beast of a weapon! They instantly know which topics and break types add to the listening minutes on their radio station, and which do not. This enables them to dynamically move the shows and personality in the right direction to best suit listener reactions – all based in real listeners real reactions and their observed behaviors. No questions asked, no misunderstandings or flawed interpretations. Just cold hard facts about what listeners like to hear us talking about and what causes them to tune out.

A computer screen, where soundwaves come in and content is tested
Content testing – RadioAnalyzer

Help is on the Way!

While it may be true that radio is facing challenges, it is also true that all over the world radio professionals are bracing for a battle and staying strong in the media market.  And we are there every step of the way in order to help our beloved industry come out victorious.

Content testing is revealed and demonstrated at RadioDays Europe in Munich in March 2024. We can’t wait to show you just how powerful this new tool is for both commercial and public service radio, regardless if your music percentage is 70 or 0 percent.

If you want to know more about content testing then reach out to us!