RadioAnalyzer has lost one of our own

RadioAnalyzer has lost one of our own. At the tragically young age of 28 Aske Malberg passed away last week.

The remaining part of the RadioAnalyzer family are struggling to come to terms with the fact that Aske will not be joining us in the office again for friendly banter during lunch or productive sessions coding our new solutions.

It is a large understatement to say we are saddened by the loss, and we realize we will need to spend a long time taking care of each other and mending our hearts in our little organization as a result of his passing.

Even more so our hearts and thoughts go to Askes family, for whom the loss is as unbearable as it is hard to comprehend. Our condolences go out to them.

Aske was a kind and gentle person. The kind of person that didn’t reveal his whole register to new people, but who rewarded us with plenty of smiles, interesting points of view and always a positive attitude once we got to know him.

He was also a brilliant and hard working software programmer – and his work is etched into the latest release from us; a release he single-handedly did the front-end work on.

Our last memories of Aske are of a happy and upbeat colleague with whom we shared four brilliant days at RadioDays Europe. The image of Aske waving goodbye in the Malmø Arena with a huge smile on his face will forever stay with us as a reminder who he was and how much we liked having him on our team.

May Aske Rest In Peace and may his family find some comfort in the fact that many other people will also miss Aske terribly.