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Hybrid hitlist and its connection to Svenstktoppen

It has been 57 years since the first weekly chart show “Svensktoppen” hit the FM waves in Sweden on Sveriges Radio, the country’s public service broadcaster. It is now the longest running show on Swedish radio.

Since the start, the show has kept listeners in the Nordic country up-to-date with what is new and what is popular, focusing 100% on music by Swedish artists.

The show has obviously been through lots of incarnations in terms of hosts, formats and chart calculation methods – and as of now the show is changing once again.

Here at RadioAnalyzer we couldn’t feel any more pride than we do by announcing that “Svensktoppen” has selected our Hybrid Hitlist to be the new backbone in the legendary show.

The idea behind the new method is to make the chart more representative and to better reflect the Swedish taste in music in a modern way,” says Program Director for Entertainment at SR, Daniel af Klintberg.

He goes on to state that with music consumption habits changing, the chart needs to reflect even the digital music habits.

We are happy Sveriges Radio feel that way, because this is exactly the point of the Hybrid Hitlist; a chart made from a mix between digital consumption and airplay. You can read more about the chart on the blog. It’s quite cool!

SR has chosen to select “Svensktoppen” using filters they apply themselves like “Swedish Artist”, “Played on SR P4” – and when broadcasters think out of the box like that, the application possibilities with the Hybrid Hitlist are endless.

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