Music Test by RadioAnalyzer

Music Test by RadioAnalyzer

The pandemic has been rough on the radio industry, but a few years ago I called radio “the cockroach of media”, so the platform is by no means dead. It will come back out of the cracks to once again roam free.

At RadioAnalyzer we have always had the main purpose of helping the industry become smarter in order to compete with products that were born digital. And I think our next move is the biggest step yet in that direction, because in a few weeks we will release:

Music Test by RadioAnalyzer

It’s the high tech real-listener measurement from the RadioAnalyzer Pro version – but stripped of everything but the music testing.

So in other words we deliver song performance on all songs played – and we do it at a price I am almost ashamed to mention, because it will blind the eyes of other music testing services.

For €96 pr. week we test thousands of “respondents” on hundreds of songs. We dare anyone else to deliver the same detail and validity at that price point.

5 reasons you need to start using Music Test by RadioAnalyzer

So once again: upwards and onwards to the radio industry!

And to my amazing team in HQ in Aalborg: You truly rock!

If you are interested in getting to know Music Test by RadioAnalyzer – you can setup a demo with us. Through the demo learn how you can make your music better with only one tool needed.

Follow the link and setup a demo here: