Observation Made Easy: New Music Alerts

Watching your competition is nothing new, we have been doing it in the radio business for a long, long time. Thankfully, the tools have gotten better and faster than they used to be. When I first encountered RadioAnalyzer as a client many years ago, one of the things that impressed me, was the way you were able to manipulate and search the date down to a very granular level. RadioAnalyzer has a great New Music function for large searches over different periods of time, but sometimes you just need those few little relevant bits for the task at hand.

New Music Alerts gives you the ability to stay on top of the relevant song adds from the competition or from other stations within your musical orbit in different markets that you look to for inspiration – and it takes no more than 5 clicks and 20 seconds (on a bad day) to set it up.

Quite simply, you choose a station, a minimum number of spins, and enter your email address. That’s it. Additionally, I’ve created a small international list below.

You can add multiple email addresses to make playlist meetings easier, keeping everyone informed. Clicking on a report allows you to check who receives it and when it last ran. Now, whenever one of the stations on the list adds a new song and plays it a minimum number of spins, I get a quick email letting me know they have recently added.

Watch our CEO, Mikkel B. Ottesen, walk you through it all in just under a minute.

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