Playlist Autopilot: We Are Flicking the Switch to “On”

There was a time where we shifted gears using our right (or left for most of you commonwealth types) hands and always had to adjust the speed in our cars using the weight of the right foot. Every second of the drive was busy with physical movements however small they may have been, putting a strain on the body and taking focus away from the most important task of the driver: the traffic safety.

Hands-On Approach

There was also a time where music directors at radio stations would spend their days analyzing and breaking down scores and tests to then have hour long debates whether to up- or downgrade particular songs to new categories, to stop playing them, or just give them a rest. The manual data analysis and the discussions that followed would take a lot of time and focus – and leave less time for the most important task: to constantly massage the general sound of the station and pick new songs to introduce to the listeners.

Yeah. The rub here is the fact that the description of what “used to be” the music department’s work is pretty much that exact way and shouldn’t be described in the past tense.

Until now.

Playlist Autopilot in Music Test by RadioAnalyzer

Tailor Made for your Station

RadioAnalyzer introduced the Playlist Autopilot earlier this year at RadioDays in Prague. It automatically breaks down your latest music test and implements the results into your playlist to form a suggestion on what to do with over- or under-performing songs.

Now – in the next iteration of the tool – we are turning the suggestions into automatically transferred actions. It’s listener reactions put straight into your scheduling system with no busy-work. Imagine that. Knowing your playlist next week has already been adjusted to fit your actual listeners – leaving the music director lots of time to nurture the sound and the new additions to the catalogue. It sounds like a dream, but it’s not. It’s a real time- and money-saving machine we are getting ready to release.

Simple as 1-2-go!

The automation has two simple steps. First we open the system for individualization so every station can implement their individual rotation system and categories , then we connect the local scheduling system and music database with the RadioAnalyzer backend.

Just flick the switch to “on”, and you are flying.

If you want to learn more about Playlist autopilot – reach out to us.