RadioAnalyzer 2Go

RadioAnalyzer 2Go

We deliver on-the-fly metrics for the fast moving decision makers in the radio industry. During a meeting, on the airplane or at your desk: on any device. With RadioAnalyzer 2Go you always know what is going on in the market and on your own radio station.

key functions

2Go is a benchmark wonderland where you can see the trend over the past weeks in key areas for both music and ratings.

Benchmark Screen

Everything is already loaded when you log in, so no looking for data is required. You can also zoom in to particular hours to know their ratings trend, their TSL and much more.

Music Scores

Know how listeners react to all your most played songs. We calculate the difference between how the song should perform and how it actually performed. We call it Delta Score.

Daypart Health

With a single click you get the health status of the daypart you are analyzing.

Program Tracking

See which direction a daypart is going in. You get the content balance, the ratings trend and the TSL trend, so you can quickly figure out if something needs fixing.

Content Perfomance

Automatic perfomance calculations tell you which breaks are working and which ones listeners react negatively to.

Format Comparison

Compare your own music database to the competition.

how it works

You supply the listener data and the on-air log. We let them meet in a powerful business intelligence calculator. The result is a full toolbox you can use from any device.


Your listener figures and the on-air logs you have uploaded to our ftp server


Our database lets the two sets of information meet-and-greet on our server


We supply an innovative and powerful calculator with a slick interface for any browser on any device

all you need to do

To run RadioAnalyzer you need to supply us with listener data for the stations you want to analyze. We can work with PPM-numbers, server logs from your streaming service or any other source that contains minute-by-minute listener numbers.

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