RadioAnalyzer Pro

RadioAnalyzer Pro

Full analytics suite including practical everyday tools, tests of music and content, benchmark dashboard, market surveillance and business intelligence reports.

key functions

Calculate performance on every song, every piece of on-air content and every show you and your competitors have aired.

Music Scores

Know how listeners react to all the songs you play. We calculate the difference between how the song should perform and how it actually performed. We call it Delta Score.

Content Perfomance

Automatic perfomance calculations tell you which breaks are working and which ones listeners react negatively to.

Aircheck Tool

Advanced Airchecks including listener reactions. Play or download audio and see how listeners react to the content on-air.

Daypart Health

With a single click you get the health status of the daypart you are analyzing. Analyze single days, go for a week or select longer timespans.

Program Tracking

Easy-to-draw graph function enables you to track the numbers in detail. Draw graphs for multiple stations and even multiple demographics or devices.

Hybrid Hitlist

A top 100 airplay chart for a country mixed with a digital consumption chart for that same country. A true reflection of the musical picture each week.


Our attempt to "predict tomorrow" using data from the past. Our algorithm suggest a list of songs that you might want to start playing to stay on the beat.

Deep Market Data

Get a complete overview of the play pattern on any song. Search for any title or artist played in your market and dive deep into the details.

Custom Alerts & Reports

Everything you need to know delivered right in your mailbox every week No searching. No looking for answers. Just pure business intelligence in an e-mail.

how it works

You supply the listener data and the on-air log. We let them meet in a powerful business intelligence calculator. The result is a full toolbox you can use from any device.


Your listener figures and the on-air logs you have uploaded to our ftp server


Our database lets the two sets of information meet-and-greet on our server


We supply an innovative and powerful calculator with a slick interface for any browser on any device

all you need to do

To run RadioAnalyzer you need to supply us with listener data for the stations you want to analyze. We can work with PPM-numbers, server logs from your streaming service or any other source that contains minute-by-minute listener numbers.

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