RadioAnalyzer reports

You decide which benchmarks you want and the reporting frequency. Job done. Now just sit back and enjoy relevant business intelligence sent directly to your e-mail inbox.

key functions

Automatic Performance Report Every Week. You decide which benchmarks are important to you:

Ratings Trend

TSL pr. Session

TSL pr. Listener

Retention of Regular Listeners

Content Balance

Break Deltas

Song Deltas

New Songs

Most Played Songs

how it works

You supply the listener data and the on-air log. We let them meet in a powerful business intelligence calculator. The result is unlimited number of custom reports for several recipients.


Your listener figures and the on-air logs you have uploaded to our ftp server


Our database lets the two sets of information meet-and-greet on our server


We supply an innovative and powerful calculator with a slick interface for any browser on any device

all you need to do

To run RadioAnalyzer you need to supply us with listener data for the stations you want to analyze. We can work with PPM-numbers, server logs from your streaming service or any other source that contains minute-by-minute listener numbers.

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