RadioAnalyzer on Tour

It’s high season for radio people to gather and talk about our wonderful but troubled media platform. Since we like spending hours on end talking about exactly that, we have booked a bunch of plane tickets and are coming to see you!

It’s a little bit of a logistical nightmare to be us in the next few weeks, but hopefully it will be worth the jetlag and the airfare to meet and be inspired by colleagues and clients from around the Globe.

RadioAnalyzer at RadioRadio conference

We kick off in our home territory of Denmark with the RadioRadio conference on Saturday the 23rd of March, where Bill De Lisle will share some of our latest findings and teach the amazed crowd to do a playlist meeting in 15 minutes.

RadioAnalyzer on the west

Next up are a handful of meetings and demonstrations in New York after which we cross the American continent to be guests at the always interesting and cozy World Wide Radio Summit in LA (or Burbank, actually, but what is the difference anyway).

RadioAnalyzer at Radiodays

Finally we head to Europe to join a whole industry in what has become the highlight of at least our calendar: RadioDays Europe, this time in Lausanne, Switzerland. Come and find RadioAnalyzer at Radiodays.

We are bringing some cool stuff with us. Free tablets with demo videos for interested potential clients – and free passes for a trial access for everybody. You can read more about our campaign here.

See you around! 

Reach out

We are happy to go around the world and spread our knowledge. As well as our inspirations and thoughts Nevertheless, we are interested in what you think. How can radio be better? What does radio need?

Furthermore, you can reach out to us with all your questions and comments. Send us a mail or give us a call sometimes, we are looking forward to it.