Our Clients Grow Faster Than Others

We have happy RadioAnalyzer clients. Very happy clients. And it isn’t just because we are nice people or because our tool makes it easier and more fun to perform both every day and complex tasks for decision makers in radio.

Part of the happiness has to do with the fact that we make their radio stations grow. Enable them to be the best they can be.

The explanation lies in our performance analytics for songs and content, which gives users a head start on the competition. They know more precisely and much quicker which songs and what audio content is working and what isn’t.

We don’t ask listeners if they like a song. We measure how they react when the song is on. And applied correctly, the knowledge derived from our measurement will make Time Spent Listening escalate on a radio station because they can play “turn-off” songs less and “listener favorites” more.

In most countries we use digital listening numbers as the basis of our analytics, but we do it to improve the all-important over-the-air listening.

Result? Better ratings. Simple as that. Higher growth than the market. And thus an excellent ROI in terms of paying for our services and still winning big.

In our biggest market – Germany – we can see how our 20+ clients outperform the market by a huge margin in terms of growth in the official ratings. Over the past two years our clients have consistently outperformed the market. Sometimes by a mere 220%, but on other occasions all the way up to 400%. On average, mind you.

Even measured on pure size – not growth in size – we can see some impressive developments. At Radio BOB they took the big leap of faith and stopped using traditional analogue research when they started working with us.

Needless to say we are shining with pride to have played a part in a whopping 176% growth in the past years – and the perspective to keep growing even further.

As they say: proof is in the pudding. Well. Bon Appétit!

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