Crunch time for Radio. Let’s find the path together in Munich!

Crunch time for Radio. Let’s find the path together in Munich!

Inspired by the always present optimism when The Olympic Games are declared open, we are happy to say that:

This will be the BEST RadioDays Europe so far!

Times are dark in many corners of our industry, so at RadioAnalyzer we have decided to shine brighter than ever before. To share, to inspire and to lead on behalf of the entire industry.

We hope you will come see us in Munich because we have something on our mind. Something important. We are bringing two World Premieres; both break throughs within audience research. We’ll also pass on hard earned knowledge you can use every time you buy new technology. And we will give your creative side a gentle nudge with a present from the heart.

We have put our best effort in because we don’t think it is too late to create a new golden age for Radio. But we also think a change in fortune requires a change in attitude and a refreshed approach to management and strategy in Radio.

Technology can help us. But it can also destroy us.

So during the AI Summit on Sunday the 17th of March our CEO will present our “Rule of 3”.

It’s advice you can use. Three simple boxes to tick when you buy new technology. Three tickmarks that will save you from making fatal mistakes when investing in technology.

Needless to say, we can vouch for our own products to tick the three boxes – so it is with great pride we come to Munich to show the guests the very first glimpses of:

  • Content Testing – the “music test approach” to the spoken word content. An automated way to know which topics and keywords your audience reacts positively and negatively to.
  • Playlist Autopilot 2.0 – the shortcut to better playlists where the audience reactions (the music test results) are implemented directly into the scheduling system. Cutting endless discussions and mathematician-like work out but leaving the control and the human aspect of song selection to the music programmers.
Content testing by RA - a screenshot
Content Testing by RadioAnalyzer

The new products will be on show in our stand where we have all the time in the world for a Radio discussion and also have a gift for visitors. We will be in the exhibition area throughout the 3-day radio fiesta – and we have printed a new edition of our famous Radio Notebook to give away. It’s been 8 years since we last gave them away and we can’t count the number of times people have asked us to “bring them back”. So by popular demand we are bringing 500 copies of the old fashioned hardcover creativity-inspiring notebook made especially for people like us; radio people.
Don’t wait too long to come get yours. We doubt we will have any left when we leave Munich after RadioDays.

A Radiodays Notebook made by RadioAnalyzer
Radio Notebook by RadioAnalyzer

We hope at the end of the 3-day Radio bonanza we can proclaim that:

This WAS the BEST RadioDays Europe so far.

Help us – and yourself – make the wish come true.