Solo Edition

RadioAnalyzer Solo Edition gives you unique analyzing power on your own station(s). Discover what the listeners think of every single minute you put on-air and the talent that work for you.
Key functions:Calculate performance on every song, every piece of on-air content and every show you have aired.
Similarities and differences Analyze similarities and differences in airplay and format composition across stations in great detail
Clock-graph Analyze listener movement hour-by-hour with an easy-to-understand clock-graph
Topic Trends Check if your talent discussed the right subjects on-air with Topic Trends
Audio archive 1 month audio archive built in
Ready-to-use graphs Design ready-to-use graphs of listener development for presentations
Be alerted Be alerted when something – or someone (!) – doesn’t perform
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How it works You supply the listener data. We supply the on-air log. We let them meet in a powerful business intelligence calculator.
image description InformationYour listener figures and the on-air logs we have retrieved via a range of technologies
image description DatabasesOur database lets the two sets of information meet-and-greet on our server
image description CalculationsWe supply an innovative and powerful calculator with a slick interface for your desktop
What we needTo run RadioAnalyzer you need to supply us with listener data for the stations you want to analyze. We can work with PPM-numbers, server logs from your streaming service or any other source that contains minute-by-minute listener numbers.
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Calculation on one data source is included.
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