The Station Chart You Cannot Live Without

As Larry Page Said: “Always Deliver More Than Expected”

One of the great things about RadioAnalyzer is all the neat stuff it can do (and to be quite honest, one of the things that sometimes makes it hard to explain in a short and concise manner is explaining ALL the things it can do!). The arsenal of interesting, useful, unique, and sometimes straight up awesome tools in the RadioAnalyzer toolbox is always expanding. New Functions within the system inevitably fall into one of two categories:

  • New, actionable insight created with new tools and metrics
  • Currently available information but filtered and networked to make it more useful

For each new tool we create we always work around the following formula:

  • “make it easy to use the function”
  • “make it easy to read the results”
  • “make the information actionable”

Airplay Data has been a staple of radio insight for ever. Much of the work in Programming and Music departments revolve around using this data – thankfully there are now more intelligent way of using it than in the past – check out this article, I wrote for some insight on how our Market Chart function works. New clients are always happy for the inclusion of airplay in our tool, it gives them one less place to look when observing the market, but none of them are ever prepared for the sheer depth of insight RadioAnalyzer gives you.

“Pick a Station, Any Station for your Station Chart”

Station Chart gives you access to exactly that: a chart of the station. Simply choose a station from the dropdown menu or type in a few letters – the system intelligently matches any partial query (Clients can pick from our every expanding list of over 600+ stations worldwide). Then choose any timeframe, present or past. “Future” is on our development-list, but we’re not here yet. Here’s a look at Capital FM in London:

So far, so normal. A click on a column will sort by that criteria, and the list can be directly downloaded as well. Now the networking magic comes in: clicking on an individual song will present you with a list of stations also playing that song for that timeframe, as well as information about past plays and when the station played it first. Here’s a breakdown for Sam Smith:

We Need to go Deeper! (yes, that’s a meme reference)

Want to go deeper? Not a problem – click on the station for a detailed breakdown by quarter hour of exactly when the station played that song; in a table any music programmer will immediately recognize.

Useful information, but once again, maybe you want to go even deeper. Like taking a look at the actual clock of the hour the song ran in… click on an X, and view that song within our excellent Clocks function. Check out this article by Mikkel for more insight on how Clocks works.

More Ways to Filter your station chart

There are more options to refine your search. We already talked about the timeframe, but you can tailor your query by New Music, Power Songs, or the entire library as well as a spin threshold if you are looking for a particular type of song. For a quick audio-visual tutorial, take a look at the video below.

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