Data Add-on

Data Add-on is for clients who use PPM numbers or a similar source for the primary analysis. It enables calculations on a second set of minute-by-minute numbers.
Key functions:Data Add-on provides a shortcut to get to know the patterns of online listening.
Streaming logs Combine the deep knowledge on demographic groups that the regular listener numbers
offer with the large volume the streaming logs contain
Difference in behaviour Understand the difference in behaviour between online and on-air listening patterns and behaviour
Playlist Get a clearer image of what you are doing right and what could be improved
on in your playlist, your roster and your format composition
Test-stream Test new music before you air it by setting up a test-stream
and working with the numbers RadioAnalyzer can calculate from it
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How it worksYou supply two sets of listener data. We supply the on-air log.
We let the information meet in a powerful business intelligence calculator.
image description InformationTwo sets of listener data and on-air logs we have retrieved
image description DatabasesWe let the two sets of listener data meet the on-air log in our database
image description CalculationsWe supply an innovative and powerful calculator with a slick interface for your desktop
What we needIf we are already set up to calculate your primary source of listener data,
it is a walk in the park to set up calculations on a second data source.
You just need to provide access to the numbers and leave the rest to us.
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