Substitute Position: Data Engineer

As one of our team members are going on paternity leave, we’re looking for someone to fill in the position until February 12th 2021 – with the possibility of extension to a permanent position.

We need you to start no later than November 16th 2020 – preferably before.

Your main focus will be to monitor and maintain our databases and make sure that the daily dataflow is running as it should. You would also be responsible for maintaining and fixing possible issues with our many Python web crawlers.

If you:

  • Feel right at home in LARGE quantities of data
  • Are comfortable with data intakes from multiple sources
  • Champion MySQL databases and can work with Python 3.X
  • Are fluent in English
  • Dream of a job in a fast growing and exciting Danish Big Data start-up

It’s nice (but no need) if you also:

  • Have experience with working with Django Framework
  • Know how to operate ESXi servers with VIM
  • Have worked with headless ubuntu servers

Come join us!

We work with databases of listener figures, stream server logs, automatically fetched radio playlists, predictive data and hundreds of calculations crossing these databases with each other.

If you get the gig, you are one of our lead persons on the critical database area of our business, working in a team of 8 tech and sales people, based primarily in Aalborg, Denmark.

We have spread quickly through Europe and Australia and are now pushing hard to conquer more markets and deliver even more trendsetting products.

Apply: Yesterday. Just a cover letter and a short CV, please.

Start: Tomorrow. We are flexible, but basically in a bit of a hurry.

More information: Tech Team Manager Camilla B. Madsen – / +45 5125 1240