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RadioAnalyzer is of great benefit to me in my work every single day.

The tools provide a very quick overview of the current market situation, but what’s more is that I can also zoom all the way in to a single hour or daypart and analyze in detail how it has developed over time.

I often use the function Clocks to remind producers and hosts about stuff we all believe to be true, but that sometimes needs to be confirmed with actual data and fresh examples: like the fact that listeners will switch off if we talk for too long in a messy voicebreak on an uninteresting topic.

I have used the tool on both the youth focused channel NRK P3 that I was responsible for earlier, and on NRK P1, the biggest radio station in the country, for which I am now caretaker.

Oh, and it’s an added bonus that the RadioAnalyzer tools make it easy for me to always know just how amazingly often the commercial radios play a Toto-song.

Bjørn Torre Grøtte


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Niels Hoogland


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