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One of the most vital ingredients for a sucessfull future of audio is listener-centered thinking. As a consequence, we need to know exactly how listeners react to our program; RadioAnalyzer provides you with that exact knowledge.

Gut feelings are nice, but real ratings are much nicer – and faster – than any market research! RadioAnalyzer tells you the truth! For every single song, every DJ break, and every idea on the air.

RadioAnalyzer allows me to judge experiments very quickly. One example: When we tested “the 80s Friday” at Berliner Rundfunk for the first time, the ratings were significantly higher compared to an average friday. So we decided to run it as a serial – with great success.

The usability is on point, and with the new mobile version you can check the health of your station and your best and worst performing break deltas anywhere.

RadioAnalyzer is “carpe diem” for every PD, and sometimes makes you happier than watching the latest Jimmy Kimmel video.

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By decoding this “subconscious information” RadioAnalyzer helps us to do a better job at programming NPO FunX to fit the taste of our listeners

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Niels Hoogland


The tools provide a very quick overview of the current market situation, but what’s more is that I can also zoom all the way in to a single hour or daypart and analyze in detail how it has developed over time

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Bjørn Torre Grøtte