Video for Radio People

Computer with RadioAnalyzer

Whenever we get a new client the relationship always begins with a live training session where we teach users how to find their way around the RadioAnalyzer tools. But we often hear “hey, I wish I could have this repeated” after they have been users for a while.

So now they can. And so can you – even if you are not a user.

For each of the 20 functions in RadioAnalyzer Pro we have shot a demonstration video to explain how to use the function and how to read the data.

The videos are embedded in the tool by a conveniently placed icon on each function – but in the spirit of openness we have also uploaded all 20 demonstration videos to Youtube.

So even though you are a Friend of Radio, you need to use your eyes a little if you want to go deep into our tool and get to know everything.

This is especially practical if you have booked one of the free trial passes – in which case you can emulate your own personal training session by playing the videos back to back.

So happy viewing on our Youtube Channel.


Alumni of DJH (Danish School of Journalism) and eternally devoted to improve mass communication. Has excelled as Journalist, Columnist, Commentator, DJ, News Director, Sports Editor, Sub Chief Editor, Innovation Director and Radio Manager. Started in radio at age 14 and isn’t planning to quit anytime soon.

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