Record Year for RadioAnalyzer

It is with a great deal of pride we can announce that the 2020 RadioAnalyzer fiscal report is the best we have ever delivered. Our operating profit took a solid upward turn with just about +25% and our result was a staggering +250% year to year in our fiscal report.

Even better. 2021 is heading towards an even better result since we are already at break-even for the year. (with less than half of it gone). Moreover with our first North American clients already in the door, we feel like we are driving fast, but accelerating faster. So, it’s quite a rush!

Naturally there is a (boring and down to earth) explanation to our success.

Just like the rest of the World, we were looking into the great unknown last year in spring. when we were globally hit by the pandemic. We took a very defensive position in terms of spending and an all-out attacking position in terms of putting all of our man power into helping our existing clients navigate in the new reality. We literally worked non-stop for them at no extra charge.  

Both moves were successful. We dramatically cut our expenses and were simultaneously rewarded by our clients with renewals and extra purchases. Turns out it pays off to stand up for others sometimes, which makes us very happy and hopeful for the future.

We don’t want to pretend everything looks dandy and straight forward from here. New sales were far apart in 2021 – obviously, since we couldn’t really go visit potential clients and everyone kept their spending low in the light of the insecure times. But we sense a softening of that stance now. So, we are currently busy preparing for a blizzard of a sales campaign. after the summer where airports and train stations around the World will be our home in search of new business.

With an outlook to some difficult years for radio where broadcasters need to bounce back financially,. our time and money saving methods of music and content testing will prove their worth. And we look forward to helping even more radio friends out there. Our aim is to create a stronger bond between radio stations and listeners.