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RadioAnalyzer is a tool with an amazing amount and depth of data, but sometimes it’s nice just to get a quick note with information you need on a regular basis. Queue Music Reports.

When training or setting up for a new client we always look to improve upon the regular workflow and information gathering that is part of any well-planned radio station. In many cases one of the big “quality-of-life” improvements to daily or weekly meetings is getting everybody the information they need without having to designate someone to go look for it. Music Reports can help you there.

Introducing: Music reports

Get a sense of the function in less than 2 minutes right here:

For example, let us look at the Berlin Market. Here is a small setup for a weekly Music Meeting as well as some regular new Music information.

What Music Reports does is send you an email with the information you want tailored to your individual needs. Furthermore here, I receive 3 different emails on a weekly basis, and one monthly.

First, I get an email with the top 50 played songs of all the competitors in the Berlin market. This gives me a good feel of what the competition has on high rotation, all compiled in one neat email.

I have also set a minimum spin range of at least 14 spins. This ensures nothing with less than 2 plays per day lands on the list, since I only really want to know what the high-end playlist of each station is.

Then I have two mails from the biggest AC stations in the market, 104.6 RTL and RS2. These show me the entire playlist of those two stations, to get a feel for what they are playing. If you want to compare these lists with your own station, no problem, we can automate that for you as well, just check out the Comparison Function.

Lastly, we get a monthly update on all new music from the entire market with at least 4 spins. This should cover a few new-song plays on chart shows and only show us the actual adds in the market.

Combining this mail with the New Song Alert function is a great way to keep on top of the market and the competition.

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