Radio Visualized

I think the first time I heard about “the Clock” in a radio connection, I was 14 and had just started as a DJ-hang-around at the local radio station, eagerly waiting for my chance to jump in and conquer the mic if someone got too sick or too drunk to go on air. (Yeah, it was late 80’s, things were less professional back then. But fun.).

I got the idea right away. It was such an easy and understandable way of planning a show; simply drawing a circle and filling in the content and songs along the way. In stead of a flat rundown it became obvious to see where what was needed to ensure a good flow.

Problem solved

I can’t even count the number of times I have drawn that circle since, both as a DJ, a newshost, a sports commentator and a PD/station manager. And in a sense, I am still drawing the clock every day. I just do it digitally now in the RadioAnalyzer software on behalf of our clients.

Despite the many advanced analytics functions in the RadioAnalyzer portfolio, Clocks (what a great name for a function drawing clocks, huh?) is the most popular. It is the most used and most talked-about function we have. And there is a reason for that; a reason just as simple as the function itself: it brings radio to life on a screen, visualizing beautifully how each hour flows.

Looking at a clock graph in RadioAnalyzer has a lot more depth than a drawing on a piece of paper: you can see how many listeners each segment has and how specific content makes listeners react. You can play and download the audio from the hour you are looking at. Furthermore, you can even dig deeper into each song played by a single click.

Clients use the function for feedback to DJ’s, planning, market comparison and much more. All based on the simple circle we have all drawn a million times on a piece of paper.

How to use clocks

We’ve made a video about the function to explain to clients how to use it. And we don’t mind sharing with everyone else as well – so take a look if you want to see the most advanced and useful clock you will ever see. 

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